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Know Bones was started by Jim Dagata in 2002 in order to supply small specialty pet supply stores and veterinary clinics in Western Oregon with frozen raw pet foods as a healthy alternative to kibble. As the raw pet food market has grown so has Know Bones as we are now the sole licensed U.S. manufacturer and distributor for the Know Better Pet Food Company dog food line and produce our own line of cat food pre-mix available in the U.S. called TCfeline, pre-mixes that when mixed with plain raw meat create a complete home prepared raw diet for your companion animals.

Our goal is to help you feed your furry family members in the healthiest, most natural and biologically appropriate way that we can.

Jim has a degree in biology and has done graduate work in animal behavior as well as having 26+ years in small businesses and over 18 years of experience in the pet supply industry in both retail, wholesale, and consulting. He strongly believes that we are doing our companion animals a great disservice by feeding overly processed food. He credits a raw food diet for saving his late Airedale from a life of terrible allergies, hot spots and constant licking and chewing (she died two weeks shy of 15) and contributing to his late Border Collie Lexis health and quality of life through 9 months of chemo. She succumbed to hemangiosarcoma just months shy of 15 years. He has been feeding all of his animals raw diets for over 16 years.

Along with overseeing the operations of Know Bones Pet Supply, Jim also helps as the IT person and staff trainer for he and his partners retail store Animal Crackers Pet Supply and does pet related retail consulting and is an active member of The Corvallis Mountain Rescue Unit .





 In loving memory of Lexi, the worlds best dog. July 4, 1995 - May 4, 2010.
She lives on in our hearts




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