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The home of TCfeline manufacturing and distribution for the U.S. 

Current News:

1: All U.S. TCfeline products are now Xanthan gum free. The label does not yet reflect this as by law we are allowed to use up the old packaging for up to a year after any formulation change has occurred and the fact that it is neither a filler nor has any affect on nutritive value. Xanthan, which is a harmless thickener made by a bacteria, was used in extremely small quantities we felt that the need to not waste labels and resources superseded the need to immediately change them. 

The amount previously present in the amount used per batch when mixed with 2 pounds of meat amounted to less than a pinch. Xanthan has been shown to be a safe and effective ingredient that has no effect on digestion but gives the end product result a more consistent thickening to keep the TCfeline mix part of the mixed batch of final food especially if using chunk meat vs. ground meat. 

Since the 
elimination of Xanthan customers may wish to use warm water to mix with the premix and let it sit for a bit to allow the gelatin time to absorb it. Also, using 1/2 as much water than recommended for chunk meat may aid in keeping it from just ending up at the bottom of the bowl. After a day in the fridge, the mix should thicken on its own by then so don't panic. 

2: TCfeline for the U.S. market is produced and distributed from here in Oregon in the U.S. Our newest packaging for the large pouches is a biofilm lined paper pouch which has many of the attributes of the metalized pouches used in the past for TC products but is much more environmentally friendly for about the same cost. It will almost completely biodegrade even in a landfill over time while keeping the product fresh on the shelf for your customers. 

Purchasing TC at Retail:

If you would like to order TCfeline cat food pre-mix products please click here (U.S. Retailers) to go to a list of online and conventional stores that carry the products. For more information about feeding felines a true carnivore diet check out the inventors site at .

New Accounts:

If you are a retailer or Veterinarian and are interested in carrying TCfeline products in your store , clinic, or online, please contact us through the contact us page.
We will get back to you with pricing and other details as well as determining whether you are an eligible retailer to carry our very special products.
Orders can be placed via email for accuracy by any existing account and orders will be filled in the order in which they are received. 

are no longer the manufacturer and distributor in the U.S.A. for Know Better Pet Food
 dog food pre-mix. If you would like to order their dog food pre-mix please contact them directly in Canada

Know Bones Pet Supply, manufactures and distributes high quality pet food pre-mix supplements to make wholesome, balanced, homemade raw food for your pets in the U.S. market. 
We manufacture our own cat food pre-mix called TCfeline  under an exclusive license for wholesale distribution in the U.S.

We do not sell product at the retail level through Know Bones. Please go to our retailers page for purchasing options

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